Flatbed Trailers

Carrying the best inventory of flatbed trailers, Silver Moon Trailers is providing their customers and future clients with the best products, all at an affordable price!

Working with big names in the industry, such as Big Tex Trailers, Rice, and more, Silver Moon is ready to offer you high-quality trailers and excellent customer service. At Silver Moon, we will work every day to manufacture the finest haulers in the industry for your satisfaction. Pleasing you is what we strive for!

That’s why we not only just serve Jonesboro, Arkansas but also Paragould, Blytheville, Marion, Batesville, West Memphis, Forrest City, and even all the way to Memphis, Tennessee. That’s right! We are the largest dealer in Northeast Arkansas and serve Missouri and Tennessee as well.

We’ve been in the trailer business since 1997, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. We will devote ourselves to providing the flatbed trailer of your dreams with different brands, options, models, and services galore! So don’t dally any longer, come down and see us today, and take a look at the best!



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